_MG_11800065mclempeSo…you’re going to spend the month rocking your favorite mustache/beard while raising money to help stick it to cancer. Shave it off at the end of the month? No way. Bros isn’t just a month. It is an event of mantastic proportions. ¬†Join us for the main event at The Hotel Donaldson.

Dude Food. Games.
Costumes. Prizes.
Wednesday March 9, 6-10pm

Show up and see if your best Tom Selleck gets “Best in Show”. Try your luck on the midway and win prizes. Eat food that stains your cookie duster. Enjoy a beer and the secondary mustache provided by the foam. Don’t have a Grizzly Adams? No worries, have one painted on. Either way this is the event to be at. Give prostate cancer the finger!

Form a team. Join a team.
Be your own team. Cheer a team.
For more on team making, click here.